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Black Women Hair Haven 

An Exclusive Community Designed to Educate and Elevate Stylists on Providing a Full Service Healthy Hair Experience

Black Women Har Haven

Presented by Precious Rutlin,
Founder & CEO 

With over 10 years in the industry, as a licensed Cosmetologist, Trichologist, and Complimentary Alternative Health Practitioner, I believe in a world that exists beyond the styling.  I created this platform to help other Cosmetologist and Barbers to elevate beyond what simply looks good on the client and lean into what's holistically good for the client! Our hair is our crown and we want to help hair professionals elevate and expand their brand!

The Black Women Hair Haven is Focused on Helping You Up-level Your Brand in the Following Ways:

If your clients are struggling with hair loss, they aren't alone:

  • It is estimated that a whopping 50% of women and 40% of men will have some form of hair loss by age 35. Ultimately progressing to if left untreated! 


  • Hair loss is a health as well as cosmetic condition.  It can be an extremely sensitive topic for those experiencing it, often creating feelings of depression, anxiety, and embarrassment.


  • Due to an industrial lack of knowledge on how to treat this condition, many Cosmetologists and Barbers lose clientele whom they are unable to help, and many clients end up suffering in silence.

The Black Women Hair Haven is the only platform created to educate and equip beauty professionals with the tools and knowledge to treat and reduce hair loss, holistically, amongst black and brown women.

Clock and Plant
Clock and Plant

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