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Become a Certified Hair Loss Specialist So You Can Master Your Craft While Building Your Confidence & Increase Your Income in 12 Weeks

Those who complete the certification program walk away with:


  • Ability to Change Lives Through Hair Loss Revitalization​​

  • ​Skills that Set Them Apart in the Marketplace

  • Ability to Attract a Wider Range of Clientele

  • Simple way to Increase Their Overall Income

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You're Ready to Service Your Hair Loss Clients In a Greater Capacity & Offer a Solution

Right now you are not able to identify what is going on with your client's hair condition and you FEEL like:

  • You're not educated enough since you're not a cosmetologist

  • You can't provide your client with a solution when they inquire about it because you wasn't taught this in cosmetology school 

  • You don't have the proper tools to address their hair concern

Which has you frustrated and lacking the confidence to expand into servicing clients specifically with hair loss in a greater capacity.

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Let Me Teach You How To  Achieve This With Your Clients

*Healthy Hair Starts From The Inside Out

This client's hair started thinning significantly 7 years ago. She noticed her hair was getting so thin in the crown of her head so she cut it short and went natural.

She had been wearing protective styles and had been to professionals but they were not much help when it came to restoring her hair.

I taught her my Hair R.E.G.R.O.W.T.H.TM System and after 5 months of being consistent and following my System the hair in her crown filled back in.

I'm going to teach you my System so you can look at your client's "whole story" and provide safe and effective solutions for them. 

12 Weeks to Become a Certified Hair Loss Specialist
and Master My Hair R.E.G.R.O.W.T.H.
TM System

Here’s the Simple 3-Step Curriculum

The Investment

*Payment Plans Available

Enrollment is NOW Open!

Book your call before you miss out 

Online Institute

Limited Spots Available

Topics to be covered:


  • Hair Loss Facts

  • Hair Growth Cycle

  • Hair Texture

  • Hair pH

  • Female & Male Hair Loss

  • Diffuse Hair Loss

  • Alopecia

  • Damaged Hair

  • Hair Loss Solution Alternatives

  • Consultations for Hair Loss

  • Check-ups

  • Learning the difference between medical disturbances and poor hair care

Schedule your call NOW to be a part of the next enrollment. 

This is NOT for You If: 

  • You’re NOT ready to invest and grow your business

  • You're looking for a get rich quick scheme

  • You think hair products and serums will magically grow your client's hair back and solve their hair and scalp issues

  • You're not willing to teach your client's how to heal their hair from the inside out

This IS for You If: 

  • You want to know what to do to get your client's hair healthy

  • You want to know at what point to refer your client to a medical professional

  • You want to properly identify the causes of your client's hair & scalp issues 

  • You want to incorporate holistic health and wellness into your business model

Get Enrolled Today

Don’t forget, Hair R.E.G.R.O.W.T.H.® Certification is a 12 week Certification program that enrolls quarterly.

To ensure I can provide and give my all to you, seating is limited!

Enroll now so that you can provide hair loss solutions to your clients and increase your income to 4 figure months on hair loss services alone!

Here's What Other Students Have Said

I Absolutely loved the knowledge, expertise & openness that Precious has as a teacher and consultant. She had patience & there when I desperately needed her which speaks volumes for her willingness to make sure you are successful. I highly recommend her services!!!

-Tara G.


Meet Your Lead Instructor -
Precious Rutlin, Trichologist, HHP, CAHP-BC 

Precious teaches hair stylists and beauty pros how to handle their client's hair loss holistically so they can add hair restoration services to their business model.

She is the founder of Precious Rutlin Consulting, an international online hair and wellness restoration consulting firm, and Institute of Holistic Beauty, a platform where Hair Stylists and Beauty Professionals can obtain their continuing education hours relative to their respective state.

With over 26 years in the hair industry and a background in auditing, she realized that when you don’t know where to begin implementing what you learned from your education you feel doubtful when servicing your client in your establishment.

It is her mission to give you the foundation, tools, and resources you need to be successful.

She is a Transformation Speaker and the Host of Heal My Hair Podcast.


She has been featured in Byrdie Magazine, Bald Life Magazine, and Courageous Magazine.

How long does it take to complete the certification? 

This course is a self-paced program that is designed to be completed in 12 weeks. If it takes you longer than 12 weeks, you have up to 1 year complete your certification.

What is the refund policy?

Institute of Holistic Beauty’s refund policy is “No return of funds on digital products/courses. The student has three (3) days to request the cancellation and return of funds after purchasing a certification program if the student is not completely satisfied.”

Will I become a Certified Hair Loss Specialist after completing this program?

Yes, once you have completed this program, taken both your written and oral exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. (The exams are done virtually.)

Will I be a Licensed Hair Loss Specialist After Taking This Program?

No. This program does NOT offer licensure because we do NOT diagnose or prescribe for disease conditions.  Students are guided to instruct their clients to seek competent medical help when those services are deemed necessary.

Is the entire program held online?

Yes. We work alongside your lifestyle by saving time with 24/7 access to the program material for up to 1 year.  During your 12 week program, we hold 3 monthly implementation workshops to ensure you are fully supported.

Is this program accredited?

Yes. We are aligned with AADP.  Your certification gives you confidence in your business. Your certification/designation demonstrates to the public that you have been trained in these areas of holistic hair health. It also signifies that you have passed the appropriate exams required for the certification/designation.

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